About us

The Minutko clinic is one of the first private licensed mental institutions in Russia. Over the last ten years it has helped more than 10 000 clients to overcome mental disorders and return to a productive life.

Vitalij Leonidovich  Minutko M.D., Ph.D., is the founder and owner of the clinic. His current position involves teaching and research duties; He is available for psychiatric and medical consultations and provides different kinds of therapies for those with eating disorders as well as individuals with other psychological illnesses.


Minutko M.D. is the author of over  70 scientific works and scientific articles , which are well known all over the world, including “Psychotherapist’s Thesaurus”,” Schizophrenia”,” Malnutrition” ,“Obsessions” etc.  He patented a new unique therapy for alcoholism, named “Modeling spontaneous remission of alcoholism".  He is renowned for being a world-leading expert, who has made notable achievements in the treatment of schizophrenia, obsessions and eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia).

Minutko Mental Health Clinic has two departments:

  • Minutko Outpatient Centers — are located in Moscow and Orjol dealing with mild forms of mental disorders. Our patients can also go there through rehabilitation trying to return to work and normal activities. MOCs have been equipped with new facilities for diagnosing mental health condition and using instrumental therapies.

  • Minutko Mental Health Clinic — is a sanatorium-based facility, located in the Moscow Region, appropriate for comfortable, homey living and medical treatment for up to 20 people, with the possibility of staying with close relatives and parents.

Since 2003, the Minutko Clinic, Russia’s professional clinic for the treatment of various mental disorders, has developed an international clientele who have been successfully diagnosed and treated. 

The Clinic, founded by Vitalij L. Minutko M.D., Ph.D.  uses the most advanced medical systems to diagnose and treat any mental health disorders.  The Clinic staff welcomes you to its facility and makes your stay and treatment very comfortable.

With our assistance, 10000 patients have returned to a normal, productive and entertaining life. Each year we receive letters of commendation from our ex-clients and their relatives. Our clinic has many professional awards, among which the International Award “Work Is Your Life”.

The main advantages of MMHC

Current diagnostic level

Current diagnostic level

Mental disorders have been linked to different adverse factors including acute impairment of cerebral circulation, infections and diseases of the endocrine system. Long-term stressful situations are particularly important.

The proper identification of all risk factors of mental illness is comprehensive diagnostics.

Our professionals never estimate the patients by eye, totally relying on their words. They get accurate information regarding diseases only from diagnostic data.

In MMHC it is possible to undergo multiple medical tests:  from the traditional blood testing to hormone and immune system   tests.  Apart from this, we have electroencephalography (EEG) testing, EEG monitoring and ultrasound dopplerography. Psychological examinations, which assess the patient’s memory, concentration, mindsets and individual characteristics, are also essential.  Identifications of the brain's responses to alcohol, drugs and stressors, are of particular importance during addiction treatment.

Dual approach

Dual approach

Our clinic has adopted a biological dual approach, i.e., treatment and recovery of the patient’s organism is combined with psychological methods: psychotherapy and training procedures. This approach is considered to be the most effective and safe one.

So why?

First, continuously taking some certain psychotropic medications can be very dangerous. Sometimes it might be helpful avoiding taking necessary medications, to learn how to regulate independently your mind, behavior and emotions. This is achieved only through cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.

Second, the acquisition of special abilities to control your mind and emotions is a substantial therapeutic factor, which does not pose a risk to human health e.g.  Patients having a delusion can be taught to analyze his thoughts and get rid of biases.

Maximum safety

Maximum safety

The medications, which are used to treat mental illnesses, cause a lot of side effects. How to reduce side effects?


In accordance with pharmacogenetic data, the clinic chooses an individualized medication for the patient.

Drug dosing

The patients should be treated with exact dosing, which the practitioner matches with the help of   measurement and analysis of drug concentration and its metabolites in the patient’s blood.

Taking a break

If the examination and analysis revealed a medicinal effect, then the practitioner can prescribe a drug-break or to cancel medications.

In cases, where the patient can’t avoid side-effects, the specialist determines the intensity of the drug.

If required, the medication can be replaced.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Privacy and Confidentiality

Inpatient rehabilitation centers are required by law to have confidentiality policies in place. Your treatment is considered medical treatment – all MMHC medical records must be kept strictly confidential, so nobody but you, your doctors and others directly involved in your treatment plan have the right to know about it. 

It is required that each employee signs a written commitment to maintain such information and to abstain from its disclosure. You and your relatives can get through the treatment period absolutely anonymous.

We are trust-worthy!