Minutko Mental Health Clinic

There is Always Hope.

There are many difficulties in life which sometimes cause a person to lose hope.

If you need help finding this hope in recovery, come to MMHC. Our professionals treat most of the mental disorders, even those which were always considered to be incurable, such as severe depression, schizophrenia and alcohol abuse.  We also provide specialized treatment for individuals suffering from eating disorders.

We have seen recovery in the lives of those, who lost the hope.

MMHC specialists are always ready to provide you with high quality health treatment, which you can get at:

  • Minutko Outpatient Centers in Moscow and Orjol
  • Minutko Mental Health Clinic 
  • Neuropsychological Rehab Center 

In addition, we have a Medical Information Center in Sevastopol, where you can get full information about the clinic and a free consultation with the specialists.

We provide affordable services using recent advances in mental health care.

Patient safety is our main principle

Гарантия безопасности леченияMost pharmaceuticals, used by psychiatrists to treat mental illnesses, have a lot of side-effects. In this regard, in mild cases of mental disorders we try to treat the patients without medications.

As an alternative, a MMHC uses cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, which is the most effective way to help anyone learn how to handle stressful life situations.

We have only highly experienced staff 

Ведущие психиатры, психотерапевты Москвы и России

In accordance with world-wide standards the treatment of mental illnesses needs the efforts of the whole medical team- a psychiatrist, a psychotherapist, a clinical and a social psychologist. In some cases the treatment requires the practitioners with different specializations- a neurologist, an endocrinologist and an immunologist.

All our clinical staff members have professional certificates and regularly take courses to raise their qualifications. The practitioners, clinical and social psychologists have also the opportunity to pass the qualification exam at our inpatient center and get information about the modern standards of care.

Furthermore, there is an ongoing scientific work and the medical staff is encouraged to facilitate their participation in national and international scientific conferences.

Current  diagnostic level

Современная диагностика психических расстройств и заболеваний

A thorough and accurate diagnosis is a key to successful treatment. It is well understood that the bad functioning of nervous, endocrine and immune systems can cause psychiatric disorders.

The results of diagnosis allow identifying the causes and mechanisms of disease and prescribe an effective treatment.

MMHC undertakes following diagnosis: electroencephalography, evoked potentials studies, and different kinds of laboratory tests. 

Instrumental diagnostics

Новые методы лечения психических заболеваний, ТМС, БОС

Prolonged use of psychotropic medications could have adverse effects on the health. Some certain medicines contribute to obesity; increase the risk of diabetes, biliary dyskinesia and Parkinsonism.

In order to maximize efficiency in the delivery of treatment, we implement successfully recommended reliable non-drug treatment methods, such as: biofeedback therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, magneto encephalography, light therapy etc.

These methods are safe and can be used for people of all ages.

Psychotherapy and social rehabilitation

Психотерапия, социальная реабилитация душевнобольных

Psychotherapy is a way to treat people with a mental disorder, which reduces intensity of psychiatric symptoms and increases the effect of Bio-feedback training. Psychotherapy helps patients manage their symptoms, recognize exacerbations and prevent them.

We give special attention to the rehabilitation process. The rehab program is based on the psychological testing results and shows what mental functions must be regenerated. Cognitive training focuses on helping to restore the memory and attention. Social skills’ training allows controlling the behavior in various situations and in interactions with other people.

There is a solution!

If you or your family members are suffering from a mental disorder, do not despair! The evidence and years of professional experience show that in most cases, even severe mental disorders can be treated and controlled, and a person can return to an independent and fulfilling life.  

We take responsibility for results!