Get Live Online Counseling

Do you have a question for a licensed mental health professional, and you don’t have time to wait? Are you from the USA, Europe or Asia?

Not a problem, thanks to today’s technology! Online counseling via TrueConf might be the best choice for you! Your therapist can be accessible to you wherever in the world you live!

Common psychological presentations such as depression, worry, stress, anger, relationships and sexual concerns can be all easily solved using video therapy.

MMHC offers Online Counseling, Psychotherapy and Psychiatry via new secure video conferencing platform — TrueConf. Many clients report that they find it much easier to concentrate on the matters being at home. Our specialists speak English and provide high-quality consultations!

What if something goes wrong?

If you need to cancel your appointment, please give 24-hours’ notice.

If there is a technical difficulty either at your end or with MMH Clinic, either through a poor connection or absence of Internet service, you will be refunded or given the option to reschedule to another time.

What will you need for video therapy?


What will you need for video therapy?

*is a free software application, which you can download on your PC, tablet and smartphone

How do I pay for video therapy?

Fees can be paid by credit or debit cards: The fee is …$ for a 1h consultation.

Get connected

Placing TrueConf video calls is ridiculously easy to do!

BulletInstall TrueConf Server software.

PC: Download the installation file for TrueConf (free)

iPhone or iPad: TrueConf app is available for download (free) in the App Store.

Android devices: TrueConf for Android smartphones and tablets is available for download (free) in the Play Store.

BulletAfter the installation your web browser will automatically start server setup interface.



BulletAfter the application for visual communication is installed on your Computer, run it from your desktop by double clicking its icon: TrueConf or from the Start menu of your computer: Start >Programs >TrueConf Online.

BulletYou need to authorize in the system to start using the service. Choose Login in the main window menu of the application or press any active button of the Toolbar.



If you already have an account you can log in to the system using the login and password you have been given during the registration.

BulletNow you can participate in video conferences. Please email your name and TrueConf ID to us at:    

BulletAfter receiving your appointment confirmation via email, you will have to sign into your TrueConf account at the specified time. The doctor will call you at the appointment time.


If the doctor didn't call you up.

Please contact our operation team at: +7 (499) 793-45-15

Or contact us per E-mail: and explain the situation.